Week 2 – (trying to) find time to reflect

Hello Friends!

Warning: 11:22pm = not much left in the tank…again!

Good news! I have maintained my “streak”. Not sure how many days, but more than 2 or 3. So, that’s something.

Bad News. I just haven’t yet found or made enough time, while my brain is still functioning, to even partially develop any of the topics that pop into my head to write about on any given day.

So, as we wrap up week 2 of our first Saratoga Summer, I am going to try something new for week 3.  I am still going to post each day, but the goal will be:

Either, a list of the ideas & topics that have struck me that day for further consideration & thought development – and more thoughtful writing – once the summer frenzy is done. Or, I will start a Post with enough direction to allow me to come back later to finish up.

Tonight, a short list of ideas before “pumpkin happens” –

1. Some days you’re the windshield, sometimes the bug

2. The power of energy

3. Taking turns cheering for friends/ encouraging others on their journey

4. My writing project idea with Richie

5. Things I appreciate at work – autonomy & support

6. People who have contributed to me being who I am today.

For now – bonne nuit!