Marathon Monday – a bit weary, but wonderful

Hello Friends!

It’s another 11pm Post, with 7% of my phone battery and probably less of my brain remaining – so another short, but not-breaking-the-streak effort.

Today was measured in costume changes:

7:30-10:30 Backstretch in jeans (both tracks)

11:30 -2:30 Fashionable Fillies Luncheon (fun dress from Paris & strappy sandals)

3:30 -5:30 Sundress for visit to Reading Room, then the Races & NYRA box seats from the Smithwicks

6:00 -7:15 Shorts & tee for snack & power nap on couch

7:30 – 10:30pm Jeans & sparkly top for Jockey Karaoke for the PDJF.

…and somehow, lucky me, this is all work – wonderfully, weirdly, work!

Today I felt a pretty big wave of new-girl fatigue, just so much being new amidst crowds of people who all know one another. It’s exactly what I looked forward to after so many years of sort of knowing everyone…but it does take a toll.

Closing before my phone croaks with a quote from my happiness journal –

“Nothing can make our life, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness.”

I also loved this one on FB today from Natasha Hennessey –

“Thou shalt not let weird ass energy penetrate the aura.” 🙂

Sleep tight friends!!


In the NYRA box


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