Catching our breath

Good morning Friends!

So we begin again with day 1 of 1 for the blog, after missing 2 days, but they weren’t missed for lack of action. 🙂  It’s now Wednesday, Day 5 of the racing meet, and our first morning to wake up in a quiet home with just the 4 of us in 10 days.  We’ve so enjoyed all of our guests, and the fun of sharing our beloved town with friends & family (and a bunch of newbies in this recent batch), but it’s also a welcome bit of peace to have a few days to recharge and regroup.   Very much looking forward to Doodles & Paul arriving on Friday, and possibly seeing a few of the Oldfields family on Thursday as they come to town for the Smithwick memorial race.

I’ll be out the door in a few minutes to go to the backstretch for coffee, visiting with folks and hopefully doing a tour around with Tommy Bellhouse from Westpoint Thoroughbreds.  I have a list of trainers I’d like to meet, and I think Tommy might be really helpful in breaking the ice.

On the work front, it’s been a big week already – with our major fundraiser event on Monday night “Hay Oats & Spaghetti” at the Saratoga Automobile Museum. By all counts from folks who have been to others, this one was a success.  It sure seemed like we had a great turnout – and the food and setup went well, I’m hopeful the financial impact comes through positively.  The other big highlight from Monday was my first ever appearance on TV – live TV – with my friend Seth Merrow.  I need to dash now to get to the backstretch, but for any dear friends who are checking the blog… here’s the link.  (I’ll likely add a bit more on this later).

Have a great day!


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