Bonus Post – a big day!

Hi Friends!!

It may be grey, cold and trying to snow on this mid-April Tuesday in Saratoga – but it was a pretty awesome day nevertheless.

While I am going to play coy on one key detail, suffice it to say that today totally manifested what we had envisioned over these many months. Today we were truly #livingthedream.

Ingredients included:

* a good night sleep, waking before the alarm;

* a walk (despite forecast of snow), extended version  – with hellos to both Pat 1 & Pat 2 at Five Points;

* a first friendly wave & sighting of Aimee, wife of Brian, our next door neighbor;

* the Maven’s good chat with his Fig Guru (I will work on a guest post by the fig maker over coming months);

* reply to a great intro to a terrific Saratoga connection introduced by dear friend, Cathy F;

* a lovely & perfectly timed check-in by dear friend Rebecca, re: HL opportunity;

* a really good 2nd interview with the dream org…encouraging, but too afraid to jinx;

* insert more to tell later here

* off to Tuesday Happy Hour at Prime at Saratoga National – rocking the 4:30pm happy hour on Tues!!

* home to cheer for our CAPS & Bobby’s Wiz.

Lots of fun plans coming together for really-truly last week in VA next week. Yippee!!

photos below.


M & M

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April 17th…Spring?
At Prime!
Cheers – buy one,get one!!
Lovely – entry way at Saratoga National