Bits & pieces – reflecting on the road we’ve traveled and what the future holds.

  1. Hi Again – Yes, we’ve officially  reached that time in the journey when I have few folks to talk to up here, so I’m going to write alot (don’t worry, Bobby will be here next week). In fact, I’m heading to VA this afternoon.

So, I have a few various & sundry thoughts I’ve been pondering and thought I’d like to capture in a post. This is that mash-up of various thoughts… looking back and looking forward.

One: The project plan – how did we get here?

  • May 2016 – Bobby’s 50th Bday
  • July 2026 – Kim’s first conversation about the future at MAVA 
  • January 1, 2017 – New Year’s Day, we decided to make it happen. 
  • March 2017 – the DRF podcast  (thank you Peter Thomas Fornatale)
  • April – sending the letter to Andy and signing the contract with Lisa
  • May – the figs get real (Preakness Day offer & Memorial Day start)
  • August – the vacation, the sanity check & decision to set all systems for “go”
  • September – the Labor Day trip, Clark Street, the TRF letter sent, the real conversation with Julia & the hard part begins
  • October – communicating with family, crazy frenzy of preparation, purge & projects
  • November 2 – 301 S Henry goes on the market!
  • December 2/3 – trip to Saratoga, first time we “met” 123 Madison Street
  • December 18-23 – the offer on 123 Madison
  • December 29 – the contract on 123 Madison
  • February 12  – the call from TRF
  • February 15 – the offer on 301 S Henry
  • February 16 – the close on 123 Madison
  • March 2 – the Magpie’s last day at MAVA
  • March 10 – the Sendoff Soiree at 301 S Henry
  • March 19 – the close on 301 S Henry/ the kitties & Kim arrive in Saratoga
  • March 20 – the movers arrived at 123 Madison
  • April 9 – the Maven’s last day
  • April 10th – the Story Begins.

Two: The building blocks – how do we build a life here? Initial pieces…

  • Yoga Home – Yoga Mandali
  • Exercise Program – Walking/ jogging/ yoga
  • Volunteering Home – Shelters of Saratoga &/or Franklin Community Center
  • Horsie Home – need to research barns
  • Coffee Home – Five Points Market (done!)
  • Political/Civic Home – Saratoga Democrats
  • Membership – Racing Museum Members (done!), Library, other?

Three: Making friends – who do we know? Introductions welcome!

Local friends:  Joanne Thorburn & John, Jennifer Stevens (TRF), Jim Fabis (SWF), Seth Merrow, Mike McAdams, Bob Kimmerle & Viviana, Bob Nevins (SWF)

Not quite local, but within 2-3 hours (more or less):  KC, John & Kate (Northampton), Marilyn, Melanie & Ben (NYC), Teresa, Alyssa & Adam (Brooklyn), Bob B (NYC), Elizabeth, Rob, Frannie & Margaret Bayston (Duxbury), Barb, Chris, Hannah & Haley Wixom (Boston), Kate Jeton (Maine), Nancy Wolf (VT?)

New (house related): Mark Fitzpatrick, Bergan Brown (Rodrigo & Jorge), Joe (& Kim) Gagne, Scott Dooley

New (met ’em on our own, as of 4/3/18): Brian Kelly (& Aimee), Frank (& Tammy), Maura (Five Points), Pat & Pat (Five Points), Gail & Russ Danforth (SoS), Jess Famiano (Saratoga  Vet), Katie Rocque (Skidmore/ thank you Jerri)

And as of Tuesday, the Maven & Magpie will be reunited… and taking the next steps down this new road, together again.   Can’t wait!


Selected photos from these last few weeks…